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Newest anthology features intimate stories, women’s wisdom

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

We’re delighted to introduce the fourth and final anthology in our series of four seasonal books, all made possible thanks to the submissions of essays and poems from women around the country and from other parts of the world. ¬†The writing is grippingly honest. Women invite us into the deepest parts of their lives with stories that are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes amusing, always enlightening.

A western woman living in Saudia Arabia tells why she wears the Arab abaya. A writer from Florida relates her humorous attempt to be grateful in the midst of changing a flat tire without the benefit of her dead cell phone in Alligator Alley.
A Des Moines woman shares the story of her sister’s decision to take her own life. Another tells us how she started noticing the beauty of snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas only when she decided to let go of her goal of reaching 20,000 feet.
With the publication of this fourth book, Tending Your Inner Garden has created a You Tube channel for in-person readings by women featured in the book. Check out Tending Your Inner Garden Women’s Writings.
This is a book to keep by your bedside or your favorite chair–and to pick up and savor whenever you experience the harvests and celebrations of fall in your life.¬†Women who read the Winter, Spring and Summer books tell us that they connected so strongly to the writers because their voices are universal and their messages are timeless and grippingly honest.¬†You’ll find that same quality in Fall, filled with lyrical writing, gentle humor and great wisdom.
Read reviews from other women writers:
“A meaningful journey¬†of what it means to be a woman
in search of her essential self.

A marvelous read and important contribution.”

–Linda Carroll, therapist and author of
Her Mother’s Daughter, Remember Who You Are¬†and
Love Cycles: From Merging to Wholehearted Loving

“The array of writers within these pages–where they’re from and the perspectives they gift to readers–adds depth to the most beautiful season.
This must be read outside on crisp, sunlit, solitary afternoons.”
–Mary Kay Shanley, author of
She Taught Me to Eat Artichokes  
and The Memory Box