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Imagining your life

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015
Front yard March and April

What a difference a month makes! This top photo of our front yard was taken March 15, and the bottom photo was taken today, less than four weeks later. We’ve moved from dormancy to visible growth almost overnight.

At our Art of Transitioning workshop last Saturday, we talked about the way our inner gardens mirror this process of change, and the power of imagination to create the growth we desire.

If you want to move from March to April in your own life, here’s one of the activities from the workshop that you can do on your own to prompt a shift:

Think of a change in your life that you’re pondering, but which doesn’t seem fully formed yet. It might be a move, a career change, an opportunity to spend more time with family or some other step in your life that isn’t yet completely clear.

Now imagine that change as though it has already happened, and write the story of it in your journal. Write about it as though it is already completed–as though April has arrived. How does it feel? How is your life better for having made the change?

This can help you move from dormancy to growth, creating a clear intention of the direction you want to go.

Affirmation: Today I imagine my life as I wish it to be, creating the changes that will nourish my heart and soul.