Tend Your Inner Garden in Montana!

Join us Sept. 8-14, 2013, as we Explore the Elements of Your Life Story!

Just imagine…

• an entire week to explore the connections between the elements of water, air, earth and fire and the story of your life—the story you’ve been living, and the one you want to create.

• a week in the woods at the largest natural lake in the west, surrounded by some of the world’s most majestic mountains, where the changing colors of aspen and birch sparkle in the setting sun.

• a gathering of women who honor the sacred in nature, in one another, and in themselves.

• receiving gentle guidance in learning more about your own passions and dreams.

• time to leave your busy routine behind–to walk, sit, reflect, play, and be.

It’s time for you to find more peace and stillness, more laughter and friendship—and to claim time for your own rest, reflection and renewal.

Dates: September 8-14, 2013 (Sunday afternoon through Saturday breakfast)

Location: Flathead Lake near Lakeside, Montana
(so beautiful that it’s included in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die)

This is our second  Tending Your Inner Garden weeklong retreat in Montana. We promised to make the first one SENSATIONAL—and it was! Here’s what some 2009 participants said.

“Montana offered a safe, secure sanctuary to release, reflect and rejuvenate.”
—Sindra Jensen

“The retreat brought me back to myself. My friends have even noticed the difference. I needed recharging and didn’t even know it. The women at the retreat are some I consider among my greatest treasures. Thank you, Diane and Deb, for this amazing gift to women.”
—Deb Richeal

“When I reminisce about the retreat in Montana I often am amazed how I went alone, not knowing another soul who was attending, connected with special people and came home with new friends! The planned sharing was enlightening and the “downtime” was fabulous for connecting with my inner self. Drumming was my absolutely favorite new activity. What energy!”
— Jane Jorgensen

“The entire week was a blast. The women in the group were so supportive and accepting that I felt no pressure to be anything but myself.”
—Teri Peterson

Each day, we’ll follow this general schedule:

• Morning: We’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast, then gather as a group for spiritual practices and small-group exercises, themed to reflect our surroundings and the discovery of your inner Self.

• Afternoon: We’ll have lunch as a group (or take your meal outdoors and eat by the lake). The afternoon is yours, whether you’d like to walk, canoe, explore, read, journal, or spend time with new friends. When you arrive, you’ll receive a list of places within an hour’s drive, including Blacktail Mountain for hiking, a bison range, and natural hot springs where you can enjoy a soothing and healing soak.

Monday night is devoted to drumming and West African dance.

• Evening: After supper, we’ll gather as a group once again for an evening ritual to share the insights we’ve gained through the day. To bridge the morning and evening times, we’ll offer a question to ponder during the afternoon. This will give each day a special focus and a sense of beginnings and endings as you discover something new in yourself.



There’s a reason we’re going to Montana.

Since the Tending Your Inner Garden program is so closely tied to nature and the metaphor of the seasons, we’ve chosen a place where the landscape itself—including the smooth and colorful rocks polished by the clear water—has much to teach us.

During the week, a theme for each day will tie the beauty of that landscape to your inner journey. We’ve also arranged for special activities throughout the week.

The dining hall at camp.

We’ll explore the connection between the four elements and your life story, using the spectacular M0ntana landscape as our teacher and guide.

  • Water: How can you live your life from a deeper place of spirit and understanding?
  • Earth: What grounds you and supports you as you reach toward the sun?
  • Air: What inspires you? How can you be an inspiration to others?
  • Fire: What ignites your passions for creativity and joy?

Throughout the week, we’ll offer ways to explore your story, whether it’s through writing, photography, art or other creative expressions.

In this world, where people have more ways to connect with each other than ever, many also experience more isolation. A quick comment on Facebook can link you to hundreds of people. But it’s no substitute for real friendship, for a community of caring individuals who will hold your hand when the world seems dark and scary.

That’s what Tending Your Inner Garden is all about—bringing together women who will accept, support, and challenge you while you become better friends with yourself. In this community, in which you learn to listen to one another and yourself, you can make deep, lasting change.

Doing QiGong in Glacier National Park, drawing on the energy of the mountains and the tall pines.

You were created to take root, blossom, and share your gifts with the world.
Gain the insights and skills you need to discern how you would like to live your life now.


Check-in will be available beginning at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 8. We’ll open the week’s activities with supper that night. The retreat will end with breakfast on Saturday, September 14.

Cabins are nestled among the pines at camp.

You’ll stay at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp (www.flbc.net) in a heated cottage with one or two other women. Linens, including bedding and towels, are provided. Bathrooms are in-cabin. On the grounds we will have access to a labyrinth, kayaks, prayer trail, hiking, campfires, magnificent mountain vistas, sunrises and sunsets and more.

If you’d like to request a specific roommate, please let us know.



On Wednesday, September 11, we’ll travel as a group to Glacier National Park to experience and explore the Going-to-the-Sun Highway, the premier 50-mile drive through the park, during the last week it will be open in 2013. Here you’ll view rugged landscapes and magnificent waterfalls—some of the most spectacular vistas in the Northern Rockies, and ancient sacred land to Native Americans. As we reach the highest point, Logan Pass at 6,646 feet, we’ll keep a watch for grizzly bears, goats and bighorn sheep.

Along the way, we’ll have time for hiking and energy exercises to fill your body with the chi of the pine trees and mountains. This is a sacred place and promises to be a life-changing day trip. We’ll return to our accommodations at Flathead Lake that evening.

You'll use art, journaling, meditation, nature and other spiritual practices to deepen your understanding of your inner gifts and explore questions about what you want in your life now.


Meals include Sunday supper, Sept. 8 through Saturday breakfast, Sept. 14, three meals a day plus constant beverage service and daily snacks. Vegetarian options will be available. If you have food allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know.


Average temperature in September is in the 60s during the day and the 40s at night. It’s wise to bring comfortable walking or hiking shoes, a rain jacket, sweatshirts, and other clothing that can be layered. A walking stick may be helpful for hikes. It can be colder in Glacier National Park.


We recommend waiting to obtain your travel tickets until after July 1, when registration closes. Plan to travel to Flathead Lake either by Amtrak into Whitefish, Montana (code WFH), or plane into Glacier International Airport (airport code FCA), or driving, of course. When we have your travel plans, we will arrange to pick you up and transport you to the camp at no additional charge from the airport or train station. We can recommend a travel agent well versed in this destination if desired. If your travel itinerary requires you to stay Saturday night, September 14th, we can assist with arrangements.


Our 2009 Tending Your Inner Garden group near the Visitor's Center in Glacier National Park.


The fee includes the following:

• Transfers to and from the airport or Amtrak station

• Lodging

• Meals from Sunday supper, Sept. 8, through breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 14.

• Linen service

• Transportation for the day in Glacier National Park

• All materials and programs

• Daily activities and evening rituals


Before May 1, the fee is $927.

You can pay in full here.

OR reserve your place now with a deposit of $330 and pay the remainder before May 1.

After May 1, the fee will be $977. Space is limited, so  please register or place your deposit as early as possible.


If cancellation is received by May 1, 2013, you’re entitled to a full refund. After May 1, $75 of the deposit/registration fee will be retained. After July 1, 2013 you will receive a refund of 50%.

If you have questions, please contact us. Hope to see you in Big Sky Country!