A respectful, caring listener and teacher

Seeking more information on Diane’s work as a spiritual director or her availability as a speaker or retreat leader?

Find personalized guidance on your spiritual journey.

Diane works one-on-one with individuals seeking greater self-understanding and a deeper relationship with the Sacred in life. Spiritual direction sessions are generally one hour and are scheduled monthly or as desired.

During an initial complementary consultation, you and Diane will discuss your interests and concerns. After reflection, you discern whether you would like to work with her. All sessions are strictly confidential.

Benefit from the support and experience of a community seeking spiritual growth.

You may find group spiritual direction offers what you’re looking for. Typically six to eight individuals meet monthly for at least a year, providing a safe and nurturing environment for exploration and growth. Bring together your own group or seek Diane’s help in finding others who share your interests and intentions.

Take advantage of Diane’s diverse professional and personal background in seeking a speaker or retreat leader for your event or organization.

Diane has lead numerous retreats for churches and groups interested in spiritual growth. A graduate of the Creighton University/St. Joseph’s Educational Center program for spiritual directors, she can speak with authority and passion on several topics, including:

  • Living and Loving Each Day through Mindful Awareness
  • Spiritual Resources for Living with Chronic Pain and Illness
  • Transforming Your Relationships through Deep Listening
  • Loving the Body You’re Living In
  • Crafting Your Life Story as a Spiritual Practice

Talk with Diane about what you’re looking for. You can reach her by e-mailing diane.glass@mchsi.com or calling 515/243-0238.