About Us

Based on their own life experience, Diane Glass and Deb Engle know that positive change means letting go of what no longer works and moving ahead with trust. What makes this possible? Getting to know your true self in a safe and nurturing community of women interested in spiritual discovery.

The Tending Your Inner Garden program is designed to help you access your own divine wisdom and intuition. Created by Deb Engle and Diane Glass in 2002, it gives you the time, space, structure, and encouragement to discover your creative gifts, address your fears, and gain clarity about your life intentions.

What sets Tending Your Inner Garden apart from other programs?

  • You’ll learn from the natural seasons of the year. By looking to nature as a model, you’ll understand the role of internal and external changes in your life, and you’ll find ways to make the most of every season. Every workshop and retreat includes time in nature, helping you reconnect with the immeasurable value of silence and solitude.
  • You’ll find your own answers. Through journaling, meditation, time with nature, and reflection with others, the program helps you develop and fine-tune a relationship with the voice within so you can create a life that reflects all of who you are.
  • You’ll learn from many different traditions. The program draws on the wisdom of many spiritual and cultural traditions, encouraging you to consider yourself part of a larger universe, in connection with other people and with a powerful source.
  • You’ll become part of a wise women’s network. This is your chance to get to know other women who are interested in living more meaningful lives. Together, we create a network of women who believe we change the world by becoming the people we were meant to be.

Tending Your Inner Garden seeks to…

  • Bring women together in community
  • Celebrate each woman’s unique expression of creativity
  • Support and nurture spiritual growth for each woman
  • Encourage women to discover, create, and extend the fullest expression of who they are
  • Encourage entrepreneurial efforts by women to improve the health and well-being of the Earth