Announcing Tending Your Inner Garden® online!


Since 2003, hundreds of women have found new joy, aliveness, purpose and community through Tending Your Inner Garden’s acclaimed program for spiritual and creative growth.

They’ve built successful careers, deepened their relationships and made lifestyle changes based on what gives them joy. They’ve discovered a sense of belonging and connection. And they’ve blossomed with greater authenticity and depth.

Now we’re offering that same well-tested approach through Tending Your Inner Garden Online, a yearlong program that gives you the same tools, resources and inspiration that have helped so many women create a life that matches their heart’s desire. You too can live with greater purpose and passion—day in and day out—with the support of this one-of-a-kind program.

This is a true 365-day course that includes even more than we’ve ever offered before, featuring…

  • daily emails
  • journaling prompts
  • reflection questions
  • activities
  • downloadable pdfs
  • visualizations
  • meditations

It’s everything that has made Tending Your Inner Garden such a success—all delivered to your inbox for four entire seasons of growth.

“If you’re contemplating an offering by Tending Your Inner Garden, trust your instincts! When participating in Diane and Deb’s programs and retreats over the past eight years, I have always been delighted by the opportunities to clarify my own goals and develop a vision for accomplishing them. Their support and encouragement have helped give me the confidence to make some exciting changes and look forward to more!” —Marla I.

We’ve designed this new program for women like you—women who
are ready to grow into a more satisfying and joyful life.

We know how frustrating it is to be in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond…and feel like life is passing you by. You may feel like you’ve planted seeds that never bloomed—or that you’ve spent years tending someone else’s garden instead of your own.

We see it all the time: Women who arrive at a new stage of life, whether it’s raising a family, becoming empty nesters, starting a new business or transitioning into retirement, and the questions are the same:

  • When will I feel like I’m expressing my authentic self?
  • When will it be my turn?
  • How can I set my soul free in this world when I’m busy meeting other people’s expectations?

Now, you can get to know yourself like never before so you can create the life that’s right for you….by doing the inner gardening that will bring your life into full bloom.

“I came to Tending Your Inner Garden with fear in my heart… I scoffed at the idea that I had untapped wisdom. Deb and Diane gently showed me the path from this darkness to the sunshine through the techniques of the program. I survived and flourished in the years since and credit them for the transformation.”  —Shirley R.

“If you long for something better and don’t know how to get there, Tending Your Inner Garden provides guidance, support, and hope.  There will come a day when you suddenly realize the sky is bluer, flowers are brighter, and you feel joy again.” —Robin A.-C.

What will you gain by the end of the year?

  • Spiritual practices that you can use from now on to make inner peace and contentment an integral part of your life.
  • Skills to improve your relationship with yourself and everyone around you.
  • An appreciation of your own unique talents and gifts.
  • Clarity about what you want—and how to create it.
  • Ways to let go of what you no longer need so you can make room for what you really want.
  • A gratitude practice to expand your joy and appreciation of life.
  • A closer relationship with the sacred in everyday life, giving you a sense of comfort and co-creative power.

You may be considering this program because your life is changing. Or maybe you’re considering it because you’d like your life to change, and you want help working through the restlessness that signals you need and want renewal and growth.

This is a process of deep soul discovery—with deep soul support. It’s the kind of support, in fact, that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. It doesn’t exist in any church, retreat center or women’s group because it’s designed to help you meet your best self in the way that’s right for you…and to do it for an entire year.

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Why a whole year?

Tending Your Inner Garden uses the seasons as a model for change. By going through all the seasons, you’ll gain a new understanding of the cycles and rhythms of your life—from the quiet times of winter to the fast growth of summer. Plus, the program will help you set your intentions early in the year and explore changes as you go.

Although change can happen in an instant, it’s more often the result of intentional, ongoing reflection and the development of new ways of being in the world. Just think how much you can grow in a year when you do it with conscious intention and sustained support. Like the seasons themselves, you’ll have time to unfold into greater understanding and depth.

“There was a feeling of acceptance and honoring each participant. All the activities were meaningful to me. Thank you so much!” —Mary A.

“Tending Your Inner Garden helped me better understand and trust myself, allowing me to make life-changing decisions with faith and love.” —Rachel R.

What will you receive as part of the program?

  • Daily weekday emails with journaling prompts and activities to help you develop a regular spiritual practice that will nourish and sustain you.
  • A video introduction each month, previewing the themes you can expect in the coming weeks and giving you a fresh jumpstart at the beginning of every month.
  • A monthly book recommendation with discussion questions to give you new resources, fresh perspectives and inspiration from some of today’s best authors in spirituality and personal growth.
  • Downloadable materials on topics that will help you see change through fresh eyes—and integrate it into your life in ways you never have before.
  • A directory of participants to build community and connections.

    PLUS…direct support from Tending Your Inner Garden co-founders Deb Engle and Diane Glass:

  • Small-group check-ins by Deb and Diane for extra guidance and direction.
  • Monthly group teleclasses with live coaching, offering invaluable opportunities for mentoring.
  • Two one-hour private phone or Skype sessions with Deb or Diane, to be scheduled whenever you want one-on-one support during the year. Their coaching and spiritual direction are worth far more than the price of this program alone!

AND…we’re offering bonuses for extra support and inspiration!

When you register for the year-long program you’ll receive all four of our seasonal anthologies,
featuring stories and poems from women around the world. Plus our two-CD set of
guided meditations, designed to help you meet your
true self and find peace in your daily life. (Together, they’re a $90 value!)

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We’re here to help you make the most of this program.

We started Tending Your Inner Garden in 2003 as a way to support women who were going through changes in their lives. Now, all these years later, there’s still nothing else like it available.

Only one person has the answers you’re looking for…and that person is you. Our job is to walk with you, providing prompts and activities to help you access your inner wisdom in a way you’ve never done before. When you do, you’ll live with authenticity, confidence and strength in who you are and want to be.

“Tending Your Inner Garden is a gentle, graceful environment in which to blossom. Deb and Diane are careful gardeners of hearts. The tools of gardening and the community of flowers they attract are the ideal conditions for growth.” —Angela Clark,

“The Tending Your Inner Garden community welcomed me with open arms and wholeheartedly inspired me to work through personal challenges and long-held limiting beliefs. Because of that genuine care and support, I’m now living a life (mostly) free of fear and full of love. I found myself and am eternally grateful for such a wonderful gift. Thank you, Deb and Diane!” —Shawnna S.

Your authentic self is just waiting to bloom. 

She’s patient, yet eager for you to know her. Isn’t it time to make friends with her now?

Tending Your Inner Garden Online will make it not only possible, but simple, too. Each weekday morning, you’ll receive an email to support, guide, encourage and inspire you. By carrying that thought or question through the day, you’ll have a focus for growth—and a way to end each evening knowing you’ve taken important steps to deepen your relationship with yourself.

This is your chance to dig deep and find the seeds of potential in you. This is your year to blossom. Plus, the program is an excellent way to form a study group with like-minded women, or do the program with a best friend, sister, or another important woman in your life.

Register now for the entire year.

Hurry! It all starts April 1, 2016!

Receive the special introductory price of  just $497.

That’s less than $1.40 per day!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to walking with you during your year of growth!

Sending blessings,

Deb and Diane