Let Nature Be Your Guide

This morning when I awoke to white crystal-coated branches shimmering outside my bedroom window, nature reminded me always to be open to surprise. No matter that the first day of spring has come and past, that average temperatures are in the 50s this time of year, that crocus are pushing through the soil, that we’ve purchased and set up a new patio set, or that I just ordered a flat of impatiens. Winter’s not ready to go!

So again, nature is my teacher. Be patient: your plans and dreams will materialize in time. Savor incongruence: robins listening for insects and worms through a fluffy layer of new snow and walkers sporting winter coats one day and t-shirts the next as they stroll around a nearby lake. Enjoy this moment: it won’t come again.

“Is it possible to be in spring one day and fall the next?” a woman asked me recently as we discussed Tending Your Inner Garden. She was speaking metaphorically. Her real question: Can my life change dramatically from one moment to the next?

Yes, indeed. Although we encourage Inner Gardeners to reflect on which season of the year they are in—spring for new beginnings, summer for blossoming, fall for harvesting, winter for resting—we know life is not that simple. You can be in spring in your career, enjoying a burst of energy and creativity as you start a new job, and in fall in a relationship as it matures and ripens into new depths of appreciation and gratitude.

You can be relishing your summer garden, the bounty of what you’ve created, and endure a storm, setting you back to the beginning of planning and planting your life garden.

Nature reminds us that change constantly alters our outer and inner landscape. We simply need to notice and accept what is—for today!

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