Listening to Your Inner Wisdom

Despite my best intentions, my flowerbeds are overrun with weeds again this year. The pink and purple petunias are barely visible, and the barberry bush I transplanted this spring is completely hidden. They remind me that, no matter how strong my vision for a weed-free bed might have been a few months ago, creating that vision requires vigilance and regular practice, just like any change in our inner garden.

You may feel like your life is overrun with weeds if…

  • you feel too busy
  • you’re stressed out
  • you feel burdened with too many possessions or commitments
  • you’re bored
  • your life purpose is unclear
  • you can’t find meaning in daily activities

If any of those describe how you’re feeling, take time to listen to your own inner wisdom with the help of this visualization:

1. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for about 15 minutes. Turn off the phone. Sit in a comfortable chair or stretch out on the floor or bed. Take a few deep breaths and feel them move through your body, releasing any tension you may be holding.

2. When you feel relaxed, envision a wise and kind person who cares about you. It may be a trusted friend or relative, a religious figure, a compassionate man or woman. It can even be something from nature—an old oak tree, for instance, a favorite animal or Mother Earth herself.

3. Sit with this being for a minute or two and allow love to envelop both of you in a warm, glowing circle. If a question comes to mind, ask it of your advisor. Wait for an answer. Your answer may come in the form of words, an emotion, a sense of peace, or some other sensation. Continue your conversation for as long as it feels helpful.

4. Thank your inner advisor and know that you can return to this place any time you need guidance.

5. Come back to the room gradually and take a few deep breaths, then journal about your experience. With practice, these visits with your inner wisdom can help you gain the clarity you need to restore balance to your inner garden.




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