Call for Entries: Women’s Stories

Submit your stories for possible publication in one of four Tending Your Inner Garden books to be released in 2012.

Over the past ten years of Tending Your Inner Garden workshops, dinners and retreats, we’ve heard hundreds of women’s stories. Some have been stories of healing both body and soul. Others have been touching, inspiring, poignant, heartbreaking, and laugh-out-loud funny.

They all prove one thing: As women, we all have stories that matter. And when we share them with one another, we expand and deepen a sacred circle of women and support one another on the spiritual path.

That’s why we’re publishing four Tending Your Inner Garden books over the next year, and we want your voice to be part of them.

We’re inviting you and every woman you know to submit a story, poem, essay or other creation for any or all of our Tending Your Inner Garden seasonal books. Each book will reflect the overall theme of Tending Your Inner Garden: Helping women listen to and trust their inner guidance as they connect with Spirit and the Earth.

This is the best way we know to honor the tenth anniversary of Tending Your Inner Garden. And it’s also the most lasting and impactful way we can think of to celebrate women, Spirit and nature. We’ve spelled out all the details below, and we encourage you to take part.

Submit material for as many of the books as you like.

We’ll publish one book for each season. Within the Tending Your Inner Garden program, we help women understand the seasons within themselves. For instance, you might be experiencing spring in your career if you have a new job or you’re digging into new projects. At the same time, you might be in autumn in your personal life if you’ve experienced the loss of someone close to you or your children are leaving home.

These are the seasons we want your stories to reveal. Overall, the books all will address transition and change in life. But as you write and submit material, you might choose which book is most appropriate by thinking of your stories in the following ways:

Winter: Stories of what you’ve learned in quiet and solitude. What have you learned from the times in your life when growth and activity have slowed and you’ve had or made time for inner reflection? How has solitude brought you strength? How have prayer, meditation, time in nature or other forms of contemplation given you insights into who you are and what you want to create in your life?

Spring: Stories of new possibilities. How have you cultivated a nourishing environment for yourself? What seeds of new ideas/relationships/possibilities have you initiated in your life that have come to fruition? What’s something that’s grown in your life that surprised you? 

Summer: Stories dealing with rapid change, beauty and unexpected events. Tell about a time when you faced some stormy or unexpected challenges in your life. How did you weather them? How did you grow or change as a result? What do you find beautiful? How do you savor beauty?

Fall: Stories of gratitude and letting go. When did you say good-bye to someone or something in your life? How did it change you? How did you handle it? How do you express gratitude in your life and for what? What legacy do you want to leave to others? How has letting go created opportunities for something new in your life?


Here are frequently asked questions about the books and your submissions:

Q. Who should submit stories?

A. We’re looking for women and girls who want to share their life experience and have insights that can benefit others. Maybe you’ve faced a challenge and have grown as a result, or maybe you found a new perspective on a relationship.

Q. How will the books be published?

A. Each book will be published to e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc.), and we’ll do a limited run of print copies as well. If we choose your submission, you’ll receive five print copies of each book you’re in, plus a 25% discount on any additional print copies. Each book will have a brief bio of each woman whose submissions are included.

Q. How will you select the material you publish?

A. We want writing that’s honest and heartfelt, whether it’s a poem, a humorous story or a poignant essay. We’ll also select material that provides a wide spectrum of inspiration, ideas and points of view within each book.

Q. I don’t consider myself a writer and have never been published. Can I still submit work?

A. Absolutely. We’re looking for fresh, honest, compelling material. Our only requirement is that you write from the heart.

Q. Will all work be included?

A. We can’t guarantee that your entries will be included. But the more you submit, the greater your chance of being published in at least one of the books.


Please share this information with any female who may be interested, of any age anywhere on the planet. We hope to include writing representing all ages, walks of life, religions and parts of the world.


Submission guidelines:

Please follow the submission instructions carefully. Be sure to keep a copy of everything you submit.

• Submissions will be accepted via email only. Send them to

• Please send each submission separately. In the subject line of the email and the name of the Word document, include the season of the book for which the submission is intended.  For example: Story for Summer book.

• Submissions must be in Word documents.

• Each submission should be no more than 600 words.

• With your submission, include your name the way you’d like it listed if it’s published.

• We’ll contact you if your submission has been accepted.

• Please note the deadlines for submission, below.

Submission deadlines

Submissions for the books are due according to the following schedule:

  • Summer book: November 15, 2012
  • Fall book: November 15, 2012


The published books will be rolled out throughout 2012.

• If you have questions, please contact us.

• Send your submissions to:


Thank you for being part of this project celebrating and unifying the voices of women everywhere. We look forward to hearing from you!