Guided visualizations are a powerful form of meditation. By taking you into a relaxed state, they allow you to access your inner wisdom through a series of prompts and questions. By paying attention to what you experience, you may find that visualizations are rich with information. Be sure to notice as many details as you can, as everything you see, hear, feel or sense has meaning.

We encourage you to journal after your visualization so you can capture those details. As you write about them, their symbolism may become clearer and more profound. Also, look back at your journaling a week or a month from now and see if details make even more sense over time.

For a powerful guided visualization, click on the recording below. It will help you…

  • tune into your inner wisdom
  • establish a safe place that you can return to in your mind for continued guidance
  • understand where you are in your life today, and what you would like to change

Tending Your Inner Garden visualization