Deb and Diane both offer one-on-one mentoring

Deb’s services

When you’re true to yourself, you’re in harmony with your own nature. That means you get to experience success, joy, abundance, love, and a flow of life that makes even the bumps (and mountains) less daunting.

Even when it doesn’t seem possible, you have the answers you need inside you. Sometimes, though, they seem non-existent or unclear because you don’t know how to access them, or because they’ve been covered up by fear, grief, or other life challenges. Or because they’ve been drowned out by the world’s expectations of who you should be.

As we work together, I’ll help you rediscover your True Nature through journaling, meditation, guided visualizations and other practices that can help you reclaim your enthusiasm for life. And that means better relationships, greater success, and a sense of harmony.

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Diane’s services

Discovering who you truly are and what your heart most desires is one of life’s greatest adventures. Diane Glass, spiritual director, offers a sacred place for you explore your hopes, questions, joys, losses, and concerns, with the intent of helping you connect with what you consider sacred in your life.

Since spirituality concerns how you live each day with gratitude and peace, you may choose to talk about relationships, your career or vocation, dreams for the future, your faith journey, sense of health and well-being, memories and family stories—whatever feels important as you sense the presence of the Spirit in your life.

You may come to spiritual direction for a single session to discern whether this offers the guidance you seek. If you decide to work with Diane, you would most likely meet monthly for about an hour. Rather than give you “direction,” Diane will provide companionship as you discover for yourself what brings you inner peace and joy.

Working with women and men of all spiritual traditions, Diane received her spiritual direction training through St. Joseph’s Educational Center and Creighton University. She serves on the staff of PrairieFire at the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center, a program of spiritual renewal and formation.

Diane also offers group spiritual direction and workshops and retreats on spiritual growth. To learn more about these opportunities and discern what’s right for you, click here.