Need Speakers?

Deb Engle and Diane Glass love speaking to people, whether they’ve gathered for lunch or convened for a conference. Either Deb or Diane can address topics related to what nature has to teach us about embracing change, serving as leaders, and turning life storms into growth opportunities—or they can team up for a joint presentation. They also each have unique areas of experience and expertise.

Contact Deb or Diane to discuss your group’s needs for a speaker on these topics:

Nurturing Your Emerging Self
Each of us is constantly changing—just like the landscape outside our windows. We’re letting go of the old and welcoming the new. But are we alert to what is fading and what is emerging, what has served its purpose and what is just now coming into being, and what is dying and what is being born? Discover how to pay attention to how your true self continues to unfold and develop.

Serving as a Leader for All Seasons
Strong leaders know there’s a time to speak and a time to listen, a time to plant new seeds and a time to harvest. Are you a leader who nurtures the growth of others? Learn to identify your leadership style and take cues from the seasons to guide others more effectively.

Transforming Life Storms into Life Opportunities
Can setbacks be new beginnings? Can destructive summer storms be the catalyst for renewal and growth? Can the unexpected crises in life hold unexpected gifts as well? Learn how to welcome change as a teacher on your life path.

Contact Deb if you’re interested in a presentation on these topics:

Grace from the Garden
This engaging keynote address is based on Deb’s book by the same name, featuring five simple but powerful principles for creating success in any area of your life: (1) Nurture new ideas (2) Plant what you love (3) Weed out fear (4) Cultivate passion (5) Share your bounty with others. Deb’s real-life stories demonstrate how these life-changing principles can work for you.

Finding Balance in Life
It’s easy to find stress in life…often stress finds us. But how do we find balance—the time we desire for family and friends, our home and our hobbies? Five practical tips will help you identify the areas of your life that deserve more attention, and help you claim time to enjoy them.

Harnessing Your Creativity
We sometimes think of creativity as a talent for music, dance, painting or writing. But the truth is that living each day is an extraordinary act of creativity. We’ll look at ways you can identify your own creative abilities and express them in your work and personal life, making every day more meaningful, playful and satisfying.

Leading by Intuition
Intuition is that gut feeling or inner voice that sometimes is overlooked in making decisions—especially at work. When you cultivate your intuition, though, you develop a tool that will serve you well in every area of your life. In fact, it can be one of your strongest leadership strategies. We’ll explore ways to tune into that inner voice.

Contact Diane if you’re interested in a presentation on these topics:

Finding Joy and Meaning in Daily Life
Waiting for some future moment to enjoy the life you dream about? What about right now? Diane will guide you in spiritual practices that help you find satisfaction in everyday activities—filling bird feeders, preparing dinner, doing the laundry, talking with friends. Discover the joys of mindful living through this engaging presentation on noticing and savoring what is.

Loving the Body You Live In
Do you view your body as a friend and companion—or as a foe and an obstacle? When you decide on a life direction, do you consult your body and spirit, as well as your mind? Come to appreciate your body as your closest lifelong companion. Learn how to listen to what your body truly desires in life and discover the wholeness and healing you have been seeking.

Listening to the Song of Your Heart
Our deepest selves yearn to speak and be heard. Yet our minds often get in the way of listening. Mind chatter—the result of expectations imposed by ourselves and others—gets in the way of discovering our true aliveness and passion. Diane will offer experiential opportunities to listen to what wants to be expressed in your life.