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As you make changes in your life, you’re bound to bump up against fears or blocks that can keep you from moving forward. That’s why it’s so vital to join with other women who can give you support in the process of self-discovery.

We invite you to participate in our workshops and teleclasses. And we also encourage women to start their own Tending Your Inner Garden groups. This can enrich your life in many ways:

  • Develop deep friendships with women by gathering together over time.
  • Talk about what really matters to you in a group where you feel safe and accepted.
  • Reflect on your life direction and rediscover what brings you joy.

With the Tending Your Inner Garden Kit for Spiritual and Creative Growth, you can create a new circle of friends—or deepen relationships in an existing group, such as a book discussion club or Moms Day Out group. This kit provides all the materials you need for forming the group, determining its focus and approach, and organizing exciting and meaningful gatherings. Here’s what your kit includes

  • A complete downloadable Facilitator’s Guide. It provides all the details you need to set up the program and lead discussions, plus printable handouts and agendas for a year’s worth of activities.
  • The Tending Your Inner Garden journal. It offers a full year of meditations, journaling prompts and discussion questions on life’s most important issues: relationships, joy, financial abundance, and a connection to nature and a greater Source.
  • Audio two-CD set of Meditations for the Seasons. Ten powerful visualizations are themed to each season of the year, accompanied by original Native American flute music.
  • FREE subscriptions to our monthly e-newsletter. A perfect resource for you and every member of your Inner Garden circle.
  • Discounts on additional Tending Your Inner Garden® materials.

Join the Inner Garden movement and start your own group today!

Do you have an Inner Garden group? We want to know more about you!

Let us know about your group, and we’ll send you FREE monthly discussion questions.

  • Where is your group located?
  • How many women are in your group?
  • How often do you meet?
  • What activities work especially well for you?
  • What resources would be helpful for you?

Pam, Janis and Julie formed their own Tending Your Inner Garden group three years ago and have met monthly ever since. From new relationships to new career paths, they've supported each other through major life changes.

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