“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living. We live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”
–Richard Rohr

Too often New Year’s Resolutions lapse after a few weeks or months, despite our best intentions. Richard Rohr, Franciscan priest and author, suggests an alternative approach to change. Dispatch with over-thinking. Avoid evaluating your weaknesses and comparing yourself to others. Set aside your goals for now. Focus on living, not thinking.

Sounds good, but how do you heed his advice?  In his post, Rohr calls for accepting and welcoming reality as a first step and then opening up to who you truly are. “We do not find our own center,” he says, “it finds us.”

His perspective mirrors the essence of the Winter season. Winter provides time and space for dormancy, for resting rather than doing, for opening up to what wants to grow in us, and for connecting with that larger self that is God, the Universal One, the Creator, the Divine Energy.

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In our Tending Your Inner Garden Journal of Personal Transformation and Renewal (see below), we guide you through this season of reflection. A visualization connects you with what you find sacred. Through journaling, you discover who you at your core. Through an outdoor adventure you savor stillness, both inside and outside.

This week, experience the gifts of Winter and live into a new way of thinking.
Do this:
Find a comfortable place to sit–inside or outside–and tune into whatever sounds you hear. Welcome everything, the car going by, the dog barking, the refrigerator humming, the silence.
Select something from nature and gaze at it without interruption for five minutes. What do you see?
Eat a mindful meal, giving yourself plenty of time to chew and taste each bite. If you do this with others, agree to not talk during this time. What do you notice?
Give yourself a spa day or break. Do what comforts your body.
Be grateful. You are alive with the ability to experience both your inner reality and the created world. Say “thank you” several times each day.
Affirmation: Today I avoid over-thinking by accepting and savoring the present.

Find the Tending Your Inner Garden Journal of Personal Transformation and Renewal on our web site books page (scroll down).


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