Becoming alive to daily life

Life conspires to keep me from reflecting more deeply on who I am and what I have to offer to the world, or so it seems. Whether it’s completing forms for health care expense reimbursement, taking my car in for service or dealing with a failed Internet connection, I find my days slipping away from me. Kierkegaard called it “tranquilization by the trivial.” I become numb to my own inner aliveness.

Yet these daily life tasks are necessary and can be fulfilling. I try praying. During my morning ritual of showering and brushing my teeth, I imagine sending cleansing energy to all the people in the world who subsist in tents, shacks and homeless shelters. I try mindfulness. In folding the laundry I notice the fresh smell, soft textures and colors of the fabrics. I try gratitude. In reflection, I acknowledge how much my life has been gifted with health insurance, transportation, and a nice place to live.

All of this helps. Approaching humble tasks with a peaceful heart changes the energy of my immediate surroundings and affects positively my relationships with others. Yet I feel there’s more–more to discover about how I uniquely can serve a greater purpose. Is it writing? Teaching? Spiritual companioning?

If you’re on this same journey, I’d love to hear from you. How do you instill meaning into daily life? How do you continue your search for your true self and your role in the world?

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