Call for Entries: Submit Your Stories for Tending Your Inner Garden Books

We’re thrilled to launch a project that has been germinating for more than a couple of years! In 2012, we’ll publish four Tending Your Inner Garden books—one for each season of the year—and we invite you and women everywhere to submit stories, essays and poems for possible publication.

In almost ten years of Tending Your Inner Garden, Diane and I have heard countless women’s stories through our workshops, classes and retreats. But now it’s time for a larger circle of women who believe in the power of Spirit, nature and women’s wisdom to hear and learn from one another. That’s our vision for these books.

Why are we doing four books rather than one? The Tending Your Inner Garden program uses the seasons as a metaphor for change and transition. We help women focus not on the external season (in other words, whether it’s raining or snowing outside), but on the season inside you.

  • Are you feeling depleted and in need of solitude? You probably are in winter and need to give yourself the gift of rest and inner reflection for a while.
  • Is your mind racing with new possibilities? You may be in spring, ready internally to plant the seeds of new projects or life changes.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by activities and expansion in your life? You’re probably in summer, a time when the abundance of your life may need a little weeding.
  • Or are you getting rid of clutter or grieving a loss? You may be experiencing the “letting go” of fall, when sadness or melancholy signals the end of something important in your life…and the heartbeat of a new beginning.

We often talk about the fact that you can be in several seasons at once. For instance, you may be in summer in your family life if you’re trying to keep up with the demands of growing children and an active household. At the same time, your career might be in fall if you’re feeling the pull of a new career direction or an inner longing to express a different part of yourself in your work.

Through the four seasonal books, our aim is to collect stories about each of these inner seasons so that, when they’re done, you can pick up a book that supports you exactly where you are. We envision you thinking, “You know, I’m excited about the new direction my life is going. Where can I read stories from women who have experienced this same sense of urgency and new beginnings?” And voila, the spring Tending Your Inner Garden book will speak to you. Or maybe you’ll think, “I’m grateful for so many blessings in my life, but I have a sadness I can’t name.” And you’ll pick up the fall book and be wrapped in the supportive stories of women who have felt the same thing.

Clearly, the impact of these stories will be far-reaching…and it all starts with you. We encourage you to submit as many stories, poems and essays as you like for the books, based on the seasonal themes. If you’re asking yourself, “Can I really do this? Can I really have a voice?” our answer is, “Yes, you can.” Let your inner wisdom guide you in choosing a story or stories to share, then set aside the critical editor that sits on your shoulder and write from the heart.

You’ll find all the details about submitting material here. And please spread the word. With your help, these books—like Tending Your Inner Garden itself—will speak from the universal heart of feminine wisdom.





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