Celebrate your true freedom

On this holiday weekend in the U.S., we celebrate the freedoms rebels and protesters in the Arab world demand. Yet as I listen to their cries, they ask not only for the right to speak freely and assemble as a people. They repeatedly ask to be treated with “dignity” by their government.

To be treated with dignity is to be listened to with respect, to know your needs and desires are being thoughtfully considered, to be assured your opportunities to earn a living and raise a family are protected.

The desire for dignity arises from our own interior freedom.  If we listen to our authentic selves, if we take care of our emotional, physical and spiritual needs and if we use our talents to not only earn a living, but also make a contribution to the larger community, we experience the integrity at the heart of dignity.

As you grill out on your patio this weekend, watch fireworks, and spend time with family and friends, spend a few minutes each day in solitude. Celebrate your own interior freedom–the freedom to be your true self in relationship with what you regard as sacred in life. 

Diane Glass

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