Giving thanks…to yourself!

This week, we encourage you to start off the holiday season by giving to yourself what you give to others: gratitude. In countless and immeasurable ways, your inner light makes a difference in this world. And your simple acts of courage and kindness are unique expressions of your deepest self.

Acts of courage can look a lot of different ways. For instance, when challenged to do something outside her comfort zone, Nancy decided to call her estranged sister, who lives in another state. The two hadn’t spoken for several months, so Nancy set herself up for success.

With an intention to limit the phone call to about 15 minutes, she called in the middle of the day, when she could gracefully use work as an excuse to end the conversation. Also, she was realistic in her expectations; her desire was to establish a connection, not to completely heal the relationship.

The phone call went reasonably well, and Nancy ended the conversation not only a step closer to her sister, but aware that she can do more than she might have thought before. And she also had another big reason to thank herself…for expressing herself with love.

This week, take a few minutes each day to think of the ways you’ve been courageous enough to be yourself…and to consider new ways of extending yourself to others. It will make the holiday extra meaningful as you put yourself in the equation of gratitude.


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