Introducing Our Summer Women’s Anthology

We’re proud to announce Summer: Women’s Writings for the Season of Beauty and Resilience. It’s the third of our four-book series, featuring women writers from around the world as they reflect on the meaning of the seasons in their inner life.

Summer blesses us with both gifts and challenges: Riotous color and parched grassland. Thunderous storms and blissful sunny days. Hot, buggy evenings and cool early mornings. Kaleidoscope-like butterflies and ravenous locusts. Most of us welcome summer if for no other reason than it surprises us year after year.

Summer: Women’s Writings for the Season of Beauty and Resilience will delight you with the adventures it offers and the memories it evokes. Open your heart to a grandmother who recalls her own summer barefoot childhood as she shares a beach adventure with her granddaughter. Empathize with the resilience of a gardener who fought the bugs and worms in her garden by learning to work with nature, rather than resist it. Listen to the warm remembrances of an ex-wife who decides to share stories only she knows at her former husband’s funeral.

“Now is the season to call back your heart,” Celeste Snowber tells us in “Bodypsalm for Playing.” This volume will help you do so by evoking feelings associated with both storms and resilience, beauty and mindfulness. Then take pen and paper and use the journaling questions at the end of the book to capture your own memories of summer.



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