Letting your beauty shine

During this month of savoring beauty, it’s time to take a look at whether you’re allowing your beauty to shine, or whether you’re hiding it unknowingly.

Several years ago I went through a series of personal growth classes, and one of the exercises revealed something surprising to me: Throughout my life, I had been suppressing my joy because a member of my family was not happy. If something good happened to me, I felt guilty. If I had something to celebrate, I downplayed it. I couldn’t talk openly about joy in my life because part of me believed that until she was happy, I couldn’t be.

Not only was this emotionally damaging, but it just didn’t work. In fact, it never does. If we think we can’t be happy until everyone else is, we’re all going to suffer a long, long time. But if we go ahead and let our light shine, we put more joy out there in the world and give others permission to be happy, too.

So take a really good look at the beauty within you. Are you allowing your light to shine as fully as possible? Or have you put yourself on hold and given someone else the power to determine whether you’re happy or not?

Ask yourself:

  • Is there any good that comes from me hiding my light?
  • What would happen if I allowed my light to shine?
  • In what ways could my inner beauty make the world a better place?

In the next few days, journal about these questions—and let your inner voice guide you to all the ways you can share the fullness of your beauty within.

One Response to “Letting your beauty shine”

  1. Sharon says:

    Boy, this sure is spot on! I lived that way for many years…then I realized if people in my family were not happy for me, when I was happy then something had to change. When I started holding back, feeling bad around them I knew what I had to do. It was a difficult choice but I cut them out of my life. And you know what? Everything changed for me – my life is continually getting better and better. I am happier, I am more creative! Alas, for those others life is still the same way. I want an extraordinary life! I want my dreams to come true! When the others acknowledge my gifts and are truly happy for me then just maybe then I can let them back into my life full time. So be happy and Shine the brightest you can.

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