“Life has been very good to me”

You may wish that this moment and this time in your life could last forever. You may feel blessed with meaningful work in the world, loving relationships and a place that is truly home.

Or you may be longing for a new life. Maybe you’re searching for a sense of purpose, a caring community and a place that feels safe and nurturing.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between.

Regardless, your life will change.

This reality allows you to keep growing and learning. When you welcome change—even the difficult parts—you’re invited to go deeper inside, delving into who you truly are and the gift you are to the world.

Writer P. Susan Buchanan, who contributed the poem below to our Winter book, knows that as well as anyone. Due to an auto accident at age 16, she now lives as a quadriplegic. That accident and a difficult childhood led her on a search for wholeness and well-being. She now says, “Life has been very good to me.”

We featured Susan in our latest Tending Your Garden newsletter. Her poem “Deep Still” from Winter recalls the moment when her life changed dramatically. What have been your defining moments? What have they taught you? In what ways can you say, “Life has been very good to me”?


Deep Still

By P. Susan Buchanan

White-knuckled steering wheel
cold seeping through his hands.
Curses blaze through an icy night
along an uncleared road
over slush-frozen ruts.
Bare patches gleam oily black
in headlights too weak to penetrate the deep night.
Car whips sideways lunging
a wild horse on stiff reins, bucks, frightened.
Hold breath hard, ice seeps along my veins hold tight
hold tight
Crazy hill in a long plunge
we slide out of control.
Gather speed, car slams against deep ruts skitters across black ice.
One last wrench then all is lost all is lost all.

Fly from the road, connect with a telephone pole, flip end over end.
My nerve ends roar back at me no more no more no.

The profundity of stillness settles heavy on my shoulders. Everything is deep still.
Stillness so complete it is everything.
Stillness echoes through that first icy night.

Erie quiet.
Am I alone?
Yes, alone in a new world without a map.
I will be the cartographer of a new landscape. I am me, still.
I will chart a new way back.



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