Pause to say ‘thank you’

On a recent visit, my daughter-in-law Saraswati followed a long-standing Hindu tradition of welcoming the day by recognizing the contribution of the Sun. She filled a pitcher with water and added the spice tumeric. Once outdoors, she poured the water on the lawn and recited a ritual verse praising the light and warmth the Sun provides.

She reminded me of the importance of setting a tone for each day. Will I look around me in gratitude and consider how all of nature and its inhabitants work together for my well-being? Or will I be too consumed with the pressures of my to-do list to pause and say “thank you”?

Many spiritual traditions laud the merits of pausing during the day and
becoming centered once again. A friend of mine uses doorways to remind her of this practice. Every time she passes through one, she says a small prayer. I rely upon deep breathing to bring me back to the present moment and all its riches.

Such daily rituals can help us let go of the pressures and stresses of life as we become more mindful of our capacity to simply be. For this moment, I inhale concern about the future and exhale appreciation for having everything I need right now to be at peace.

Do you have a spiritual practice that keeps you grounded and grateful?

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  1. Deb Richeal says:

    I also follow a daily routine that sets the course for my day. I start with twenty minutes of yoga stretches and deep breathing, followed by a walk in the woods with my dog. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing. It can be sunny and warm, rainy and cold or snowing and frosty; we get out in the woods where I can hear the ebb and flow of the world around me. I can clearly hear my thoughts and adjust them as needed. This helps start my day with a grateful attitude.

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