Probe the gift in your loss

Letting go of someone or something requires grieving, accepting that life will not be the same. Yet in the letting go, a gift is offered as well.

The gift may be in the way someone you loved accepted and modeled death. The gift may be in the end of pain or in the space created for healing. The gift may be in the way you open up to new possibilities or act upon accumulated wisdom.

Often we acknowledge loss only when it’s major and dramatic. Yet we experience loss daily in many small ways. After visiting my nieces and grand nephews at a family reunion in Texas, I got on a plane and flew home, knowing I wouldn’t see them for another year. Accompanying the sadness was gratitude for the love that flows through my family.

With State Fair time here, I anticipate the loss of summer with its carefree activities. The gift? Good memories of times spent with friends, leisurely mornings on the patio with coffee and the newspaper, and walks around the lake.

At a meeting this morning of my writing group, I held the new baby of one of the members. Little Elaine, three weeks old, nestled in my arms and made¬†adorable squeaks, peeps and grumbles. In giving her back to her father, I felt my heart quiver. Never a mother myself, I experienced wistfulness. What is the gift? That’s something for me to reflect on.

As Deb and I continue this series of blogs on the experience of letting go, we’d love to hear from you about the losses–big and small–that have been part of your life!






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