Give the gift of women’s voices

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Readers of the Tending Your Inner Garden seasonal books love what they are discovering. The voices of women from across the country and globe speak of the joys and sorrows of everyday life, as well as those pivotal moments when life surprises us and prompts us to rethink our values and priorities.

  • Winter captures the tender moments of loved ones now gone and glory in the beauty of bare trees against painted skies and invites you into the comfort of quiet and reflection.
  • Spring honors the rejuvenating energy of this beloved season and encourages you to discover and savor your own new beginnings.
  • Summer reminds you that the beauty of life at its peak and the hindrance of storms are all part of the extremes of this season.
  • Fall invites you to sit back, reflect, celebrate and surrender as you recall the lessons and memories of the year that has passed, integrating them into the soil of your life.

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