Restless? It’s your time to grow

Spring brings familiar, yet mysterious longings. The first balmy day, even in March, stirs up the soil of souls. Something wants to break open, sprout, take root and grow. But what?

Often our first impulse is to change something and that’s not an altogether foolish response. I recently cut my hair short and added blond streaks, gave away fully one-third of my clothes, and bought a flashy new swimsuit. No pictures, sorry. But my restlessness, and perhaps yours, merits deeper reflection and response.

crocusYour desire for something you cannot name signals readiness for spiritual growth‚ÄĒfor digging deeper inside, for listening to your soul, and for discerning how to nurture the person you are becoming.

Sound daunting? Yes, but only if you expect this spiritual growth to adhere to your timetable. You cannot create goals, action plans and deadlines for this kind of change. Rather you companion it, wait patiently for it to happen, ask for grace or pray, and continue to listen deeply to what your mind, body and spirit have to say. Then, with courage, you act.

The cycles of nature teach us how to do this.

Winter reminds us to rest and renew. Soil that is repeatedly planted and harvested loses nutrients. Lives that are perpetually busy lose authenticity and purpose. In winter, we trust that even though growth is not evident, creativity thrives in the deep soil of our souls. Are you being invited to rest and renew?

Spring brings hope and new beginnings.¬†We may think of this season as a time of flowers pushing through the soil, a dramatic shift from winter’s icy temperatures to the warm breezes of longer days. But inside ourselves, spring is also helping us thaw, release, transform, grow, emerge.¬†What new beginning are you being called to consider?

Summer bursts forth with beauty and teaches us resilience. Blessing us with both gifts and challenges, it features riotous color and parched grassland. Thunderous storms and blissful sunny days. Hot, buggy evenings and cool early mornings. How are you being encouraged to savor your life and work through setbacks?

Fall sets the stage of harvesting, discovering wisdom and offering gratitude.
It treads gently upon the tender parts of our hearts, both cheering and saddening us with our shared experiences of loss, remembrance, surrender and celebration.What you have learned through your experience and what you are grateful for?
So restlessness invites you to enter this cycle, at whatever stage reflects the work your spiritual growth requires. For my part, with my short streaked hair and colorful swimsuit, I am plunging into spring by listening to my body and trusting that greater fitness brings hope and a new beginning.

Enjoy the discoveries, the insights, the wisdom and the joy of your Inner Gardening.

Affirmation: I welcome restlessness as an invitation to grow.


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