Savor the stories of your life

Through Tending Your Inner GardenĀ®, we’ve heard hundreds of stories about love, loss, redemption, forgiveness, relationships, meaning, purpose, connection, grace. Often women discover the underlying truths of their lives by relating those stories to caring listeners who support them through mirroring and gentle questioning.

Stories help you shape your life as a work of art.

Your life stretches out over decades with marriages, divorces, deaths, births, illnesses, careers, children, travel. What does it all means? That’s for you to decide. These life events are like paints on a palette, the clay at your potter’s wheel, the keys of the piano and the musical notes, and the words on a page. What will you do with them?

Shaping your life stories–and ultimately your life–is about reflecting on what you have experienced, discerning its meaning, and using what you have discovered to make new and richer life choices. While you can engage in this reflection on your own, companions help you discover your unique beauty and grace by listening and witnessing. They note things you may not realize about yourself or your life. They help you see the significance in the happenings you describe.

Tending Your Inner Garden is a lot about discovering and crafting these stories that ultimately allow you to say, “Yes, I’ve lived a life for which I’m truly grateful, one that has allowed me to learn and grow along the way, to both give and receive, and to be fully alive.”

Our first Tending Your Inner Garden book, Winter: Women’s Stories, Poems and Inspirations for the Season of Rest and Renewal, shares stories that have been pivotal in the lives of the writers. A mother rediscovers the joy of journaling, while also breastfeeding her baby. A writer describes through poetry the accident that left her disabled. Two sisters laugh and cry as they look through memory boxes of their mother’s 86 years. A daughter relates with tenderness conversations with her mother who has Alzheimer’s. Read these stories for inspiration about your own life.

Consider these questions for journaling:

  • What are ten “God moments” or ten highlights of your life when your gifts, life purpose or value shone brightly?
  • What are the greatest challenges you have faced? How have you addressed them? What have you learned?
  • If you were to describe your life in five minutes to someone who wanted to get to know you better, what would you say?
  • How is your life like a work of art? What are the elements that make up your life? How have you brought them together?
  • Imagine yourself a grandmother (perhaps you are!) telling your life story to a grandchild. What would you say?

If you’re inspired to write down your story, we’d love to read it. Exchange stories with a good friend to deepen your understanding of your own life.



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