Spring Cleaning, Inside and Out

As we get closer to spring, you may be thinking about cleaning house: opening up the windows, clearing out your closet, sprucing up your place a little. All those external signs of a new season mark the same transition plants go through. Dormant and lying in the dark for the winter, they suddenly want to reach out for as much sunshine, fresh air and growth as possible.

So, while you’re cleaning house this spring, take some time to tend your inner garden, too. When you’re walking, journaling, reflecting—or while you’re cleaning up the yard and clearing out last season’s clothes—ask yourself questions like these:

  • Are there behaviors or thought patterns that are hampering growth in my life?
  • What conditions will best allow for my own personal growth?
  • How can I devote more time and energy to things that I love and value?
  • What support do I need from family, friends and my community as I pursue goals and dreams?
  • What possibilities in my life excite me the most during the quickening of spring?

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