Staying true to your path during the holidays

The holidays can test your ability to stay true to yourself, especially around family and old friends who may have perceptions of you that are no longer true—or never accurately reflected who you are at your core. Remember that everyone’s perception of you is colored by their own lens. The only person who really knows who you are and what you deeply value and desire is you.

When you listen to your inner guidance with the support of Spirit and nature, you strengthen your conviction to express the deepest and most authentic parts of yourself.

This week, give yourself the gift of …

  • Discerning what you care about at a heartfelt level. Speak with others from a place of your values, not just your opinions. You’ll find it easier to connect honestly with others, and to respect yourself even if people close to you disapprove or disagree.
  • Stepping into your own power. Before visiting with family or friends through the holidays, take a few minutes in solitude to offer thanks to yourself and those in your life who have helped you become who you are today. Visualize a ball of light in your abdomen and see it expanding and spreading throughout your body. Know that this light—the essence of who you are—is stronger than any external expectations.
  • Listening to your inner voice even when you’re in conversation with others. If you start to say something that doesn’t reflect who you are, pay attention to the voice within and let it guide you. Know that your honest expression is your gift to the world.
  • Releasing any expectations. Take a few minutes to journal about the expectations you hold for yourself and the holidays. Ask yourself, “What’s true? What matters? What parts of these expectations can I let go of?”




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