This month’s theme: Savoring beauty

Remember the black cloud that followed Linus in Peanuts? It was positioned squarely over my head earlier this spring. It wasn’t the cloud of doom, but of details: complex projects, too much work, unending deadlines. Within a few weeks, I let them throw me into a black-cloud mindset. Even when I looked at the emerging flowers in our yard or the budding lilacs, I couldn’t appreciate the beauty. No matter what I gazed upon, my mind saw only fatigue and worry.

It’s interesting how we don’t just see with our eyes…we see with our mind. When our mind is in the right place, we experience beauty all around us. When our mind is judging, worrying, stewing, resenting or feeling guilty or overburdened, it’s hard to see beauty anywhere. Everything gets filtered through that black cloud.

For the month of June, our theme is “Savoring beauty”, and it’s based on a few principles:

  • We see with our mind as well as our eyes.
  • We see what we’re looking for. If you believe the world is ugly, violent and painful, that’s what you’ll experience. If you believe it’s loving, compassionate and abundant, you’ll see beauty everywhere.
  • The way you feel about yourself determines the way you’ll experience life. You can’t see the world as beautiful if you’re beating up on yourself.

To savor beauty this month, make a practice of these Inner Gardening techniques:

  • Take five minutes a day to look for beauty inside yourself and in the outer world. Keep a beauty journal, noting what you discover that you may never have seen before.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts. Be diligent about showing kindness to yourself. If you’re taking on too many obligations, resenting people or situations in your life or being hard on yourself, do this: Stop, take a breath, and say no. Commit to showing yourself loving kindness.
  • Be clear about what you’ll allow in your life and what you won’t. Journal about this for greater clarity. Remember that your joy nurtures the world and makes it a more beautiful place.

2 Responses to “This month’s theme: Savoring beauty”

  1. How appropriate for this time/event in my life! Newly diagnosed with cancer…gone with surgery, and chemo for insurance, I truly believe it is of paramount importance to consider what I will allow in my life. Who will and will not have a place there. Who I truly am and who I intend to be. Weeding my inner garden and replanting in the twilight of my years will determine what I can accomplish on the planet, right here in my little patch. It is not given that we know at all what time is left to us. What we can know is what we can do with the time. Magnify it. Intensify it. Share it. Plant, plant, plant!

  2. admin says:


    To see your cancer diagnosis as an opportunity to grow, plant, and nurture is truly inspiring. We’re sending blessings for you and all the beauty you create. Thank you for such a thoughtful message.

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