Traveling with sore feet

Diane is blogging from France about the mindfulness of traveling—especially with limited mobility. Here’s her latest post:

Paris is easy on the soul, not so much on the sole. It offers many allures and diversions, most reachable through long walks and not particularly accessible by public transportation. Get to your destination, and long admission lines await.

Yet in our three days, soul and sole have aligned. Foregoing the two-and-a-half-hour tour of the Notre Dame Cathedral, I chose instead to  meditate in the cavernous, relatively quiet space. Then, discovering a beautiful 13th-century Mary and child, I gazed with wonder at her wise, gentle face and a baby Jesus appearing to be discovering his hands for the first time.

When lines wound around too many curves at the Musee de l’Orangerie, we instead joined thousands of Parisians sunning themselves at a nearby reflecting pool and fountain. As Jeff went off to buy ice cream, I found one chair and began the search for another. An elderly woman carried one over to me.  Was it that apparent my feet hurt?

Parisians have been consistently gracious—running after us to return a dropped tour guide, offering seats on buses and speaking English without hesitation after our awkward attempts at French.

What have I learned so far about traveling through the day with my nerve-impaired feet?

Give your curious mind something to feast on that doesn’t always require moving about.

Indulge your eyes, ears and nose wherever you may be.

Surrender to what is pleasant and easy.

Vacationing doesn’t have to be hard work. Use your common sense, which I neglected to do when walking to the Latin Quarter last night for dinner. As Jeff continues to say, “Now remember, we have to walk back!”

Tomorrow we move to a boat that will take us up the Seine—more opportunities to cultivate soul and care for soles.

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