Welcoming summer

This week marks the transition to summer—a new season, new possibilities, a continuation of the cycle of beginnings and endings. In the Inner Garden program, we talk about summer as a time of rapid growth and change. It’s a season when we may experience abundance—of weeds as well as flowers. And it’s a time when a hailstorm can suddenly move in and batter the landscape just outside your door.

You may be experiencing this in a number of different forms. Maybe you, family members or friends are dealing with unexpected diagnoses. Or maybe challenges are showing up in jobs, relationships and finances. So how do you deal with this? How can you see and savor beauty when summer’s weeds start to encroach on your life?

One way is to feel victimized and wonder why you’re being singled out for punishment. This makes life a difficult game, in which each hailstorm provides evidence that life is painful and scary, and all you can do is try to dodge the next fierce winds.

Another way is to see yourself as part of a greater system of creation, in which every experience is an opportunity for growth and healing. When the challenges come along—even the most painful ones—your inner voice speaks of gifts, lessons, connections, and growth. Instead of the hailstorm being your greatest enemy, it becomes your greatest teacher.

And in your ability to name it that way, your experience of life changes.

As we approach the summer solstice, take some time to journal about your experiences in life. Look back over the hailstorms you’ve weathered. What have they taught you? How have they made you who you are today? How did they serve as links in a chain leading you to a new love, a new career, a new expression of yourself?

Then open your arms wide to the coming season, soak up the light on the year’s longest day, and embrace all of summer’s beauty, both inside and out.

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  1. This is one of my favourite transitional times – when summer arrives with all its blooming possibilities! I am sad that I can’t just sit with it, journal my heart away, and simply enjoy. Instead I have to work, albeit at what I love, fulltime in a plant nursery. I am intending that one day I will be able to enjoy summer instead of just working through it.

    Blessings of the season

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