What are the rings of your life?

Last week my seven-year-old granddaughter was visiting, and we went “shopping” in our basement storeroom. It was fascinating to experience that space through a child’s eyes. The room that is constantly on my Cleaning To Do list held endless wonder for Brylee, who found all sorts of little trinkets on the lower shelves, right at her eye level.

Among the many items she zeroed in on was a tiny box I’d bought in Spain on a high school trip. And inside was a ring I hadn’t seen for decades—one of those sets of four interlocking rings that was popular years ago.

It’s tarnished and looks more fragile than I remembered (and somehow it doesn’t fit my ring finger anymore), but it’s still in my possession—something I haven’t discarded or given away through the years.

As Brylee and I tried to put those rings back together, I thought about the qualities in all of us that stay with us through our lives, even though we don’t always know how the pieces fit.

So here’s my question: What are four qualities in you that might look a little tarnished and fragile when they’re separate from the others, but when they come together, make the unique whole of who you are?

It’s a good topic for journaling, and we’d love to hear what you learn about yourself. Please post comments below if you like.

Have a wonderful week of discovery!

Affirmation: Today I value the different parts of myself that
come together as a strong and enduring whole.

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