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Thank you to Carol Bodensteiner, whose June 25 blog is an interview with us about Winter: Women’s Stories, Poems and Inspiration for the Season of Rest and Renewal. This is the first of four seasonal Tending Your Inner Garden® books to be published this year. And even though it’s about the reflection and silence of winter, it’s a great reminder that inner growth happens any time of year. In fact, the more we reflect, the more beauty we’ll see around us.

In one of her essays from the book , Carol talks about the beauty of quiet. “It’s hard to escape the internal noise,” she writes, “a remembered tense conversation, a project gone off track, a looming deadline, the mounting ‘to do’ list, a calendar teeming with meetings—all clamoring for mental space.”

Because Carol takes time for quiet, she comes up with a lot of great ideas, including this one: Be one of the first five women to leave a comment or reflection, below, about your own life based on one of the four seasons of the year, and you’ll win a copy of Winter!

So let us know…what’s happening in your life that’s sustained by the reflection of winter, the possibilities of spring, the abundance of summer or the gratitude of fall?

Also, if you’d like to be published in one of our anthologies, we’re still accepting submissions of essays and poems for our summer and fall books. Send us your submission soon!

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10 Responses to “Win a free copy of Winter”

  1. Mari says:

    How exciting! Many congratulations! And looking forward to summer and fall books!
    Keep it rollin’

  2. Ramona Lynam says:

    I have always been a person who needs ‘quiet’ time – a walk in the woods was always refreshing, calming and stimulating to my mind. Now, in retirement, I can sit on the deck, overlooking the pond, and let my mind roam through memories, wonder about the future, or simply enjoy the beauty and peace around me.

  3. Mary Acevedo says:

    Being part of a TYIG group for the past year has inspired me in many ways. This spring I decided to plant a small garden in my backyard for the first time in my life. There is something so life-giving about actually planting seeds in the ground and watching the sprouts grow. I compare this to my own growth and learn valuable lessons. Preparing the soil, getting rid of the weeds, planting the seeds, watering, and having faith that what was planted will actually grow holds true for what I want to grow in my life as well as in my garden. And having the courage to try something new, i.e., plant a garden, carries over into other areas of my life. The encouragement and support I receive from the women in my TYIG group means more than words can express. Every month when we meet I feel my spirit is nurtured and I am encouraged to grow. Thank you for TYIG!

  4. Susan Harrington says:

    My dog and I enjoy the quiet times of our daily 4 mile walks. What a wonderful opportunity for thoughts and reflection! I would certainly love to win a free copy of Winter! Thanks!!

  5. Susan Lucci says:

    As I grow in wisdom, I relish the liminal spaces in between seasonal changes. I resonate with the solstices – the ancients knew exactly what to do – PAUSE in between. As we stand between the doorways of life, we often rush, close our eyes when instead we should be taking deep breaths and activating our awareness and intuition. I love your postings for reminding me who I am and why I am here. Thank you for the wakeup call today. Today I intend to Breathe deeply and allow the warm sun to ignite my light.

  6. Bobbi Segura says:

    Winter…so often not the favorite season for many people. It is a season of year and of life to be introspective, lower my expectations and look forward to what will come of it in the Spring! Hope to join you in one of your classes one day.

  7. Claudia says:

    I love the change of seasons and each one offers me something. The drastic and severe weather of the last three years has been hard to take though. I lived outside Joplin and that F5 tornado really did a job on the whole area and our view of seasons. Tornado season is extra stressful now. My worst season is March when I suffer from S.A.D. before I can get back outside again for spring. Otherwise, I relish each season for birth, growth, a dying down and finally a hibernation for restoring self.

  8. sharon says:

    very inspirational and thoughtful. women need the compassion of other women to champion them in the many arenas they perform in.

  9. jan locasha says:

    Always important to ponder, reflect, discern….even to make room inside in order to learn from others.

  10. Tiger Lee says:

    Upon reading the essay insert, “It’s hard to escape the internal noise”, I was hooked. I can relate to this so much and can’t wait to read on. Thanks

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